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Our trees need you! Usu­al­ly, sum­mer­time means Tree Ten­ders are car­ing for street trees through­out the City of Pitts­burgh at group vol­un­teer events. While we’ll miss the fun atmos­phere of a big mulching par­ty, the safe­ty of our vol­un­teers and staff come first. That’s why we’ve cre­at­ed a plan to help our urban for­est while prac­tic­ing phys­i­cal distancing.

We are seek­ing Tree Ten­ders to go out alone or phys­i­cal­ly dis­tant with up to no more than 5 oth­ers to weed, mulch, and water street trees in their neigh­bor­hood with­in the City of Pitts­burgh. We ask that indi­vid­u­als pro­vide their own gloves, trash bags, and any nec­es­sary weed­ing tools*, but Tree Pitts­burgh will pay for the mulch if you can pick it up from one of the local nurs­eries list­ed below.

Cavaci­ni Land­scap­ing and Gar­den Center
100 51st Street
Pitts­burgh, PA 15201

Chapon’s Green­house and Supply
4846 Streets Run Road
Pitts­burgh, PA 15236

Michael Broth­ers Nursery
47 Michael Road
Cheswick, PA 15024

Ses­tili Nursery
3721 Swin­burne Street
Pitts­burgh, PA 15213

Shady­side Nursery
510 Mary­land Ave
Pitts­burgh, PA 15232

Due to COVID-19, Tree Pitts­burgh is cur­rent­ly not able to lend out tools and equip­ment. Please check the fol­low­ing list of tools Tree Ten­ders will need to pro­vide for inde­pen­dent tree care and be sure to watch this video for a reminder on prop­er street tree maintenance.

  • Wheel­bar­row (rec­om­mend­ed if mulching more than 4 trees using loose mulch)
  • Pitch­fork or shov­el (for loose mulch only)
  • Broom
  • Debris bags
  • Weed­ing tools
  • Gloves
  • Safe­ty Vest or High Vis­i­bil­i­ty Col­ored Cloth­ing (rec­om­mend­ed)

Some fine print: This pro­gram is cur­rent­ly offered for tree care with­in the lim­its of the City of Pitts­burgh only and is cur­rent­ly only being offered to cer­ti­fied Tree Ten­ders only. In order for your mulch costs to be cov­ered, please com­mu­ni­cate with Tree Pittsburgh’s Vol­un­teer and Spe­cial Events Coor­di­na­tor pri­or to pur­chase. We are unable to pro­vide reim­burse­ments. This pro­gram is intend­ed for weed­ing, mulching, and water­ing street trees ONLY, not res­i­den­tial spaces or pri­vate prop­er­ty. Street trees are defined as trees locat­ed in the area between the side­walk and street. Before and after pic­tures of the trees(s) you tend­ed are required. Prun­ing is NOT allowed. In the City of Pitts­burgh, it is ille­gal for cit­i­zens to prune pub­lic trees with­out a permit.

To sign up for indi­vid­ual tree care vol­un­teer­ing, please fill out this form and a mem­ber of Tree Pitts­burgh staff will get back to you. If you have any ques­tions please con­tact Erin Gaugh­an, Vol­un­teer and Spe­cial Events Coor­di­na­tor, at erin@treepittsburgh.org.

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