Summer Camp Oaklee

Have fun and enjoy the outdoors with STEAM Outside Camp @ Tree Pittsburgh!

STEAM Out­side Camp will engage your 4th, 5th, or 6th grade stu­dent in the urban for­est, fields, and rivers through a STEAM (Sci­ence, Tech­nol­o­gy, Engi­neer­ing, Art, and Math­e­mat­ics) lense. Camp takes full advan­tage of Tree Pitts­burgh’s 5‑acre river­front cam­pus and will fol­low COVID safe­ty pro­to­cols to keep every­one safe, hap­py, and of course, hav­ing fun!

What is STEAM Outside Camp all about?

Each day of STEAM Out­side Camp will have a dif­fer­ent theme, allow­ing campers to learn about insects, tree iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, refor­esta­tion, tree biol­o­gy, and more. This week-long day camp will take par­tic­i­pants into the Tree Pitts­burgh Her­itage Nurs­ery to uncov­er the fas­ci­nat­ing life of trees from seed up through their first years of growth. Through jour­nal­ing, art, hands-on lessons, and excit­ing projects, campers will explore the urban for­est while flex­ing their STEAM mus­cles in an out­door set­ting. Par­tic­i­pants will also have the chance to meet Tree Pittsburgh’s staff arborists and dis­cov­er how they can make a dif­fer­ence in the urban for­est through first-hand expe­ri­ences and field techniques.

We’re also excit­ed to include nature activ­i­ties from WQED all week long!

When is STEAM Outside Camp? How do I register?

Keep check­ing back for camp dates and reg­is­tra­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties for 2023.

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