Tree Pitts­burgh’s myTree pro­gram can help you plant a tree in your own front or back yard! myTree can help improve your prop­er­ty val­ues, reduce your win­ter heat­ing bill, bring pret­ty birds to your yard, reduce stormwa­ter runoff, and clean the air. myTree is a com­mu­ni­ty-based, sub­si­dized pro­gram to pro­vide res­i­dents with afford­able trees for plant­i­ng on their pri­vate property.

This pro­gram is cur­rent­ly on hia­tus. If you’d like a street tree in front of your house, apply to Tree­Vi­tal­ize or through the City of Pitts­burgh.

Species List

We are cur­rent­ly not offer­ing any trees in the myTree program.

Get Involved

Attend a tree plant­i­ng or tree care day with Tree Pitts­burgh! See our Events Cal­en­dar for details.

You can also get your neigh­bors togeth­er to take a Tree Ten­ders Course.

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Contact Us

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