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Get three of our best-sell­er books in a bun­dle for May’s Merch of the Month! This deal is only good in the month of May.

About If We Were to Plant a Tree
This project was inspired by Tree Pitts­burgh’s obser­va­tion that a very strong need exist­ed for a chil­dren’s book that intro­duced the con­cept of Urban Forestry — viewed through the eyes of chil­dren who live in the city. This unique book is writ­ten by author Dar and illus­trat­ed under her guid­ance by stu­dents at Pitts­burgh’s Envi­ron­men­tal Char­ter School at Frick. It is writ­ten in lyri­cal style and would make a great gift for kids and adults alike.

About Tree Finder
Guide to iden­ti­fy­ing native (and some wide­ly intro­duced) trees of U.S. and Cana­da east of the Rocky Moun­tains. Orga­nized as a dichoto­mous key, the book leads the user through a series of sim­ple ques­tions about the shape or appear­ance of dif­fer­ent parts of a tree. Includes 161 species. Illus­trat­ed with line draw­ings. The small (6″ by 4″) for­mat fits in pock­et or pack to take along on a hike.

About Win­ter Tree Finder
Enjoy get­ting to know your trees even in win­ter, with this key to iden­ti­fy­ing decid­u­ous trees (trees that lose their leaves in the win­ter) by look­ing at twigs, buds, fruits, and oth­er fea­tures. Explains struc­ture of twigs and shows habi­tat and range of native and some wide­ly intro­duced trees. Illus­trat­ed with the author’s line drawings.