Tree Giveaways Are Back!

Tree Pitts­burgh is excit­ed to announce anoth­er round of tree give­aways! We have cre­at­ed a safe, no-con­tact pick­up mod­el to keep you safe while spread­ing hap­pi­ness through trees.  Please fill out the form of your loca­tion choice to select a pick­up time, as well as your pre­ferred tree species.

Res­i­dents of the com­mu­ni­ties list­ed below get first pri­or­i­ty for reg­is­tra­tion. If you are not a res­i­dent of these com­mu­ni­ties, please check back on August 26th at 10am for reg­is­tra­tion to open up for the remain­ing trees.

South Park/Bethel Park


Avalon/Neville Town­ship


Pickup Process

We have cre­at­ed a process for pick­up that pri­or­i­tizes safe­ty and min­i­mizes con­tact. To help us man­age orders, please arrive at Tree Pitts­burgh only at your sched­uled time. Please do not get out of your car until it is time to load your trees. If you use a mode of trans­porta­tion oth­er than a car, but would still like to receive a tree, con­tact erin@treepittsburgh.org

How To Plant Your Tree + Species Info

Once you’ve receive your tree, you’ll need to know how to plant it! We’ve cre­at­ed a video and a fly­er to guide you through plant­i­ng your tree. 

Avail­able Species Infor­ma­tion

We’d love to see your plant­ed trees! Share with us on Face­book, Twit­ter, and Insta­gram.

Please con­tact erin@treepittsburgh.org with any ques­tions.

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