Jan 13 2024


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Pruning Workshop: Lawrenceville 1/13/24

Four people wearing high-vis green vests stand around a tree while one person provides a demonstration about pruning trees

NOTE: You must be a grad­u­ate of the Tree Ten­ders Edu­ca­tion­al Pro­gram to par­tic­i­pate in Prun­ing Workshops.

Prac­tice your prun­ing skills with Tree Pitts­burgh! Prun­ing young trees is one of the most impor­tant actions you can take to help them thrive in the built envi­ron­ment. Whether in your back­yard, on your front side­walk, or in your neigh­bor­hood park, shap­ing young trees through prop­er prun­ing prac­tices will help them grow healthy and strong, and pre­vent poten­tial prob­lems in the future. Prun­ing is an art and a sci­ence, and it can often be chal­leng­ing at first. But prac­tice makes perfect!

Join Tree Pittsburgh’s ISA Cer­ti­fied Arborists to sharp­en your skills!

Meet­ing Loca­tion: Main Street and But­ler Street

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