Tree Pittsburgh
32 62nd Street, Pittsburgh PA 15201


Aug 15 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Leave the Leaves

Join Tama­ra O’Brien from Plant it Fur­ther for a deep­er dive into the con­ver­sa­tion of “Leave the Leaves”. We will briefly talk about some native pol­li­na­tor-to-host-plant con­nec­tions before we go over the impor­tance of cre­at­ing a year round pol­li­na­tor habi­tat and how tree leaves can help us achieve this.

The role native tree leaves play in our habi­tats is not min­i­mal. They belong in our ecosys­tems (rather than bagged up) to pro­vide insu­la­tion, nest­ing mate­ri­als and nutri­ent val­ue for the food web. In this class we will talk about best prac­tices for leav­ing the leaves, what that real­ly means, how to con­tain the abun­dance of leaves we get from a healthy tree canopy, and why our trees need their leaves.

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