Serviceberry season is here in Western Pennsylvania!

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But the ser­vice­ber­ry sea­son is short — so you have to act fast!

Ser­vice­ber­ries (Ame­lanchi­er) is some­times called juneber­ry, Saska­toon berry, shad­bush, or many oth­er region-spe­cif­ic names. It’s a small fruit-bear­ing tree or large bush. It grows abun­dant­ly in our region. Ser­vice­ber­ries are quite a treat, if you can get them before the birds do!

In Pitts­burgh, ser­vice­ber­ry trees are most com­mon in city parks, school­yards, and oth­er pub­lic loca­tions. In the spring, they’re known for their beau­ti­ful white flow­ers. In the fall, ser­vice­ber­ries are val­ued for their crim­son col­or. Many home­own­ers have a ser­vice­ber­ry out front and don’t know that the fruit is edi­ble. Ser­vice­ber­ries can be eat­en raw, cooked in pud­dings, pies and muffins, or frozen for lat­er use.

Make sure to wash your ser­vice­ber­ries before you use them. You can store them in the refrig­er­a­tor, cov­ered. They will keep for one week. Some peo­ple even dry ser­vice­ber­ries and use them in recipes like a raisin or dried cranberry.

The Uni­ver­si­ty of Alas­ka Fair­banks Coop­er­a­tive Exten­sion has a great resource on ser­vice­ber­ries. They even include a few recipes! Learn more here.

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