Recycling your Christmas tree in 2020

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Looking for info on recycling your tree in January 2021? Click here to read this year’s blog!

The hol­i­days are over and the dec­o­ra­tions are com­ing down. If that makes you sad, think about the new life that could come from your tree! By tak­ing your tree to one of the many drop-off loca­tions below, you are keep­ing trees out of land­fills and giv­ing them a new purpose.

No mat­ter where you recy­cle, please make sure to remove all tin­sel, orna­ments, and lights! Do not tie your tree up with string or any oth­er netting.

City of Pittsburgh
Res­i­dents of the City of Pitts­burgh can drop off their trees at 12 drop-off loca­tions through­out the city, some year round and some spe­cial­ly for Christ­mas trees. Trees will be chipped into pine mulch and made avail­able for free to the pub­lic this spring. You can see a map of all loca­tions on the City of Pitts­burgh web­site.

Year-Round Depart­ment of Pub­lic Works sites (open 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Mon­day through Sat­ur­day) include:

Spe­cial Drop off loca­tions (open 24 hours a day) now through Jan­u­ary 26, 2020 include:

Alleghe­ny County
All oth­er res­i­dents of Alleghe­ny Coun­ty can bring their trees to Alleghe­ny Coun­ty Parks through Jan­u­ary 14, 2020 from 8:00 a.m. until dusk. Trees dropped off in Alleghe­ny Coun­ty will be mulched and used in the parks. Dur­ing last year’s tree recy­cling, approx­i­mate­ly 3,500 trees were received and recycled!

Drop-off loca­tions are:

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